Steam Valley Mountain Fiber Farm is home to a herd of goats, lamb, and sheep that are raised in our expansive farm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The business started more than 30 years ago with only breeding a sheep and five goats and selling fiber from these animals. Later on, as our herd grew, so did our business. In the late 1990s, we started combing, spinning, knitting, and weaving all the fiber we collected from our herd.

Fast forward to today, Steam Valley Mountain Fiber Farm has gone a long way. Our product offerings now include top-quality fiber supplies including wool, mohair, yarn, spinning wheels, looms, and accessories. Books on spinning and weaving are also available in our little shop.

What we are really proud of are the learning opportunities we provide to anyone who is interested in our craft and what we do. We hold tours around our farm as well as classes and workshops that teach people how to spin, weave, and knit. Our ultimate goal is to spread the joy of spinning, weaving, and knitting.

All these make us the valuable resource for spinners, knitters, crocheters, and weavers.

How can we help you? Let us know by sending us an email at support@steamvalleyfiber.com or giving us a call at 971-242-4865.