Steam Valley Fiber Farm

2304 Steam Valley Road
Trout Run, PA 17771


Providing angora mohair wool fiber for yarn, socks knitting and other projects

Your source for Fiber (Mohair, Wool, Dyed, Natural), Yarn, Spinning Wheels, Looms, Accessories, Angora Goats & More...

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Hand Dyed Yarn
Select your colors from our Colorways Chart

Steam Valley Hand-dyed all of our own yarn. Our 20 most popular colorways are listed below .

Three Sisters Weaving will begin dyeing more yarn this summer after our new barn with its dye kitchen has been built.

If you purchase our yarn and want to order more of the same type and color, be sure to save your tag with the name of the colorway and lot number. Dye lots are one of a kind because they are hand-dyed, so be sure to purchase enough for your project.


Steam Valley Fiber Farm
News Update
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 Steam Valley Fiber Farm has relocated to Colorado! Our new business name is "Three Sisters Weaving". Our address is 206 Aspen Meadows Road, Nederland, CO 80466.
Phylleri's cell phone is 570-651-5261.
Our email remains the same

Steam Valley's website is being converted to Three Sisters Weaving. We have a large inventory of socks available and and a new shipment of sheepskins arrived as we were moving. Hand-dyed yarn and Steam Valley Mohair yarn is in stock in many colorways. We will continue our Schacht dealership. Ashford and Louet equipment is limited to what we still have in stock.

Keep visiting the site and we will soon have new products available.


Phylleri Ball

206 Aspen Meadows Road
Nederland, CO  80466


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