The Art of Mohair Spinning: Tips for Beginners

Mohair is an easy fiber to spin even for beginners, thanks to its long staples. It is the same as spinning hairlike fibers such as wool, except that mohair needs less tension when twisting it. But spinning mohair requires careful handling to produce a perfect yarn, as mohair tends to be slippery when spun. Even so, you will love spinning mohair because of its attractive appearance, especially its texture and sheen.

Here are some techniques that beginners can learn to create something awesome from spinning mohair.

Spinning it right

  • Spin the mohair from the center of the lock rather than the end. Take a lock of mohair and fold it in half to form a U shape.
  • Holding the two ends of mohair on your hand, draft them from the middle and spin.
  • For a fully and airy yarn, open the twist and get the mohair further down the yarn. Do not run your fingers down the twist.


  • Add only the right amount of twist needed to hold it together, preferably a loose to medium twist. If you spin it too loose, it will slip away. If you spin it too tightly, you might end up with a string instead of a soft and smooth yarn.
  • Enhance the sheen of your yarn by. Use a light tension only on the spinning wheel.
  • If your purpose is to create a durable yarn for making rugs, blankets, or draperies, you will have to add more twist when spinning mohair. This will, however, reduce the sheen.


  • Unless you’re blending colors or fibers, just card mohair lightly. It is recommended that you do not card it too much.

Adding fine wools

  • This is a mohair spinning technique that will counter mohair’s lack of fiber memory (being a hair fiber). If you add fine wools, you can avoid that while retaining the great properties of mohair.